PrimeTime Draft Supplemental Services

The PrimeTime Draft supplemental services are a collection of web-based services that provide supplemental functionality to the PrimeTime Draft application or additional support for the PrimeTime Draft customer experience.

Autopicks The PrimeTime Draft Autopicks service can be used to pre-configure a round-by-round list of selections, which can be sent to the draft administrator and easily imported into PrimeTime Draft.
Player List The PrimeTime Draft Player List service can be used to create new player lists, which can be imported into PrimeTime Draft and used instead of the existing player lists.
License Request The PrimeTime Draft License Request service provides an alternative method for generating a PrimeTime Draft application license.
Order History The PrimeTime Draft Order History service can be used to retrieve a history of your orders from our records.
RemoteBackup The PrimeTime Draft RemoteBackup service provides your entire history of drafts that have enabled Internet services.
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