MFL Integration

If you use (MFL) as your league management website, you can download your league settings and/or upload your draft results in just a few clicks!

Save Big On The Award-Winning League Management Web Site

Thanks to our partnership with, MFL is offering a $20 discount on the MFL service (applies to new MFL customers only).

If you have prepared your MFL league prior to the draft, you can download your league settings and quickly create a PrimeTime Draft 2024 draft using those settings.
To load your completed PrimeTime Draft 2024 draft results into your prepared MFL league, simply click the "Share/Export..." button and then click the "Export to MFL" button. Enter your MFL login information in the browser window that appears and click the "Upload to MFL" button. It's that easy!
Note: Not all settings within your MFL league are applicable to PrimeTime Draft drafts. Only the following specific settings are used by this service:
  • Team names
  • Number of rounds
  • Draft order
  • Draft pattern
  • Clock time
  • Auction budgets
  • Positions and limits
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