Refund/Return Policy

IMPORTANT — READ CAREFULLY: This Refund/Return Policy is a legal agreement between You and PrimeTime Draft, LLC. Purchasing a license for PrimeTime Draft, LLC software signifies your acceptance of this Agreement. If You do not agree to the terms of this Agreement, do not purchase the Software. PrimeTime Draft, LLC reserves the right to modify this Agreement at any time without giving You prior notice.


"Agreement" means this Refund/Return Policy, and any amendments to it.
"You" means the individual or single entity that is agreeing to be bound by the terms of this Agreement.
"Licensor" means PrimeTime Draft, LLC.
"Software" means the computer application, data, and supporting files licensed to You by Licensor, including any Updates thereto.
"Update" means a revision or patch to the Software that may contain fixes, new features or enhancements.
"Activated Software" means Software that has been assigned an Activation Code which has subsequently been used, enabling the full functionality of the Software.
"Activation Code" means the unique alphanumeric code (automatically generated and sent at the time of purchase) representing the license to use the Software.


Software can be evaluated, free of charge, through the "Trial Mode" of the Software. Customers are required to evaluate the Software in their specific environment(s) prior to purchase. This "try before you buy" approach is the ultimate guarantee that the Software has performed to your satisfaction. By activating the Software, you are acknowledging that the software has performed to your satisfaction and you agree that you are not entitled to a refund.


If you have not activated the Software, you may request a refund within 30 days of the purchase date. Refunds can only be made to the credit card or payment account used for the original purchase.

Activated Software is NOT refundable. The use of the Activation Code represents an irreversible and non-transferable license to use the Software. The use of the Activation Code represents copyrights, royalties and licensing fees that have been attributed to the appropriate participating parties.

Due to the unpredictable nature of Internet Service Providers, Hosting Providers, and the dynamic nature of the Internet, we cannot guarantee that you will be able to use any Internet-based features or services at the time of your draft.

All sales are final after 30 days from the purchase date.

To obtain a refund, you must contact us via email ( or any one of our customer support options. Any attempt to seek a refund or dispute a charge without attempting to contact us shall be considered a failure to comply with the procedural requirements of the chargeback right.

This policy was last modified on June 06, 2021.

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