PrimeTime Draft Autopicks

The PrimeTime Draft Autopicks service can be used to pre-configure a round-by-round list of selections which can be sent to the draft administrator and easily imported into PrimeTime Draft. An additional benefit is that the selections are not openly shared with the draft administrator. The draft administrator can certainly discover the selections (by using the PrimeTime Draft Autopicks service itself or by "unhiding" within PrimeTime Draft). However, using an Autopicks file at least makes it possible for draft administrators to have no knowledge of the selections.
  • Select the positions you want PrimeTime Draft to include when selecting the best available player for your pick (use Ctrl+Click or Cmd+Click to select more than one position).
  • Click '' to add the position group to the Autopicks List.
  • Repeat for each pick/round.
Autopicks List:
Note: "All" will be used for any unspecified picks or when a selected position does not match an active position in the draft.
Step 2: Download Autopicks List
When you are satisfied with your list, click the "Download/Save" button below to download the file that you will need to send to your draft administrator.
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